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:: Lee Morgan - discographie sideman
discographie sideman : 1967-1972


New York City, 1 décembre 1967

Lee Morgan (tp), Bob Northern (flh), Julian Priester (tb), Howard Johnson (tu), James Spaulding (as/fl), Benny Maupin (ts), McCoy Tyner (p), Herbie Lewis (b), Joe Chambers (ds)

  1. Mode to John
  2. Man from Tanganyka
  3. The high priest
  4. Utopia
  5. All my yesterday
  6. Lee plus three

LIVE IN BALTIMORE (Lee Morgan-Clifford Jordan)

Royal Arms, Baltimore, Maryland, juillet 1968

Lee Morgan (tp), Clifford Jordan (ts), John Hicks (p), Reggie Workman (b), Ed Blackwell (ds)

  1. Straight no chaser
  2. Like someone in love
  3. Solar
  4. The vamp
  5. The theme



THINK ! (Lonnie Smith)

New York City, 23 juillet 1968

Lee Morgan (tp), David Newman (ts/fl), Melvin Sparks (g), Lonnie Smith (org), Marion Booker Jr. (ds), Henry "pucho" Brown (timb), Willie Bivins, Norberto Apellaniz (conga)

  1. Son of ice bag
  2. The call of the wind
  3. Think !
  4. Three blind mice
  5. Slouchin'

GRASS ROOTS (Andrew Hill)

VGS-Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 5 août 1968

Lee Morgan, Booker Ervin (ts), Andrew Hill (p), Ron Carter (b), Freddie Waits (ds)

  1. Grass roots
  2. Venture inward
  3. Mira
  4. Soul special
  5. Bayou red

TURNING POINT (Loonie Smith)

VGS-Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 3 janvier 1969

Lee Morgan (tp), Julian Priester (tb), Bennie Maupin (ts), Lonnie Smith (org), Melvin Sparks (g), Leo Morris (ds)

  1. See saw
  2. Slow high
  3. People sure act
  4. Eleanor rigby
  5. Turning point

MOTHER SHIP (Larry Young)

New York City, 7 février 1969

Lee Morgan (tp), Herbert mogan (ts), Larry Young (org), Eddie Gladden (ds)

  1. Mother ship
  2. Street scene
  3. Visions
  4. Trip merchant
  5. Love drops


VGS-Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 14 mars 1969

Lee Morgan (tp), Joe Farrell (ss/ts/fl/alto-fl), George Coleman (ts), Wilbur Little (b), Elvin Jones (ds), Miovelito Valles (perc), Candido Camero (conga)

  1. Inner space
  2. Once I loved
  3. Raynay
  4. Champagne baby
  5. Dido Afrique

LOVE BUG (Reuben Wilson)

VGS-Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 21 mars 1969

Lee Morgan (tp), George Coleman (ts), Grant green (g), Reuben Wilson (org), Leo Morris (ds)

  1. Hot Rod
  2. I'm gonna make you love me
  3. I say a little prayer
  4. Love bug
  5. Stormy
  6. Back out


VGS-Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 31 octobre 1969

Lee Morgan (tp), George Coleman (ts), Grant green (g), Reuben Wilson (org), Idris Muhammad (ds), Joe Sircus (conga)

  1. Hold on, I'm comin'

GREASY KID STUFF (Harold Mabern)

VGS-Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 26 janvier 1970

Lee Morgan (tp), Hubert Laws (fl/ts), Harold Mabern (p), Buster Williams (b/el-b), Idris Muhammad (ds), Boogaloo Joe Jones (g)

  1. I want you back
  2. Greasy kid stuff
  3. Alex the great
  4. XKE
  5. John Neely
  6. I haven't got anything better to do

FLUTE IN (Bobby Humphrey)

quelque part, 30 septembre et 1er octobre 1971

Lee Morgan, Bobby Humphrey (fl), Billy Harper (ts), Gene Bertoncini (g), George Devens (vib/marimba/perc), Hank Jones (p/el-p), Gordon Edwards (el-b), Idris Muhammad, Jimmy Johson (ds), Ray Armando (conga)

  1. Ain't no sunshine
  2. It's too late
  3. The sidewinder
  4. Sad bag
  5. Spanish Harlem
  6. Don't knock my Funk
  7. Journey to Morocco
  8. Set us free

CHARLES III (Charles Earland)

New York City, 16 février 1972

Lee Morgan, Virgil Jones, Victor Paz, Jon Faddis (tp), Dick Griffin, Jack Jeffers (tb), Clifford Adams (tb sur la 3), Hubert Laws (fl), Billy Harper (ts/fl), Charles Earland (org), John Fourie, Greg Millar (g), Billy Cobham (ds), Sinny Morgan (conga)

  1. Low down
  2. Speedball

INTENSITY (Charles Earland)

New York City, 17 février 1972

Lee Morgan, Virgil Jones (tp), Billy Harper (ts), William Thorpe (bs), Hubert Laws (pic), Charles Earland (org), Maynard Parker (g), Billy Cobham (ds), Sinny Morgan (conga)

  1. Happy 'cause I'm going home
  2. Will you still love me tomorrow
  3. 'Cause I love her
  4. Morgan
  5. Lowdown
  6. Speedball
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